Frequently Asked Questions


How much will my project cost?

This is naturally one of the most commonly asked questions our clients have. The question is difficult to answer without further details. Imagine walking into a car dealership and asking the car salesperson, "How much does a car cost?" Without specifying a particular car or trim level, it would be impossible to give an accurate estimate. After all, there are small cars, big trucks, “green” cars, luxury cars, etc.

That said, here are some rough guidelines based on our previous projects:

  • New Homes - $1,000,000+

  • Additions - $150,000 - $1,000,000

  • Kitchens - $30,000 - $150,000

  • Bathrooms - $10,000 - $75,000

We would be pleased to offer you a customized quote for your project. We also work with clients to discover what possibilities are available to them within their budget.

How long will the construction of my project take?

There are many variables regarding the timeline of projects. The length of a project is determined by:

  • Project size

    • A 3,000 sqft home will take considerably less time to build than a 6,000 sqft home.

  • Project complexity

    • A home with a simple roof will take less time to build than a "stick-framed" roof with multiple dormers.

  • Level of finishes

    • A home with flat drywall ceilings will take less time to build than a home with coffered ceilings and wood panelling on the walls.

A rough guide for typical projects is as follows:

  • New homes - 7 - 10 months

  • Single storey or 2nd storey additions - 3 - 4 months

  • Kitchen renovations - 5 - 6 weeks

  • Bathroom renovations - 4 - 5 weeks

For a more specific idea of how long your construction project will take, get in touch with us to book a consultation.

What are the steps of the construction process?

New Home or Addition:

1. Site preparation: demolition, excavation, services, foundation, grading

2. Rough framing, windows, roofing, siding

3. HVAC, plumbing, electrical rough-in

4. Insulation, drywall

5. Interior trim, painting, cabinets

6. Flooring, countertops, bathroom fixtures, mirrors, shower doors

7. Final walk-through

Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation:

1. Site preparation: removal of existing cabinets and flooring

2. Rough framing, mechanical, electrical

3. Insulation, drywall, trim, painting

4. Flooring, cabinets, electrical finishing

5. Countertops, finish plumbing, kitchen backsplash

6. Final walk-through

When am I required to pay and how much?

Once a fixed price has been agreed upon, the payment is typically scheduled as follows:

  • New Home and Addition:

    • 10% on signing of contract - to cover the cost of permit drawings and materials that need to be ordered early on (e.g. windows)

    • 25% on completion of framing

    • 25% on completion of mechanical and electrical

    • 25% on completion of drywall

    • 15% on completion of "Final Occupancy Inspection"

  • Kitchen Renovation:

    • 35% on signing of contract

    • 35% on installation of cabinetry

    • 30% on completion

Can I live in my home for the duration of a renovation project?

Yes! While it is certainly easier for all parties if you are able to move out for the duration, this is not always practical or possible for our clients. Most often our clients are able to live in their homes throughout the construction. Keep in mind, however, that there will be minor inconveniences, including the loss of use of certain rooms periodically during construction, dealing with minor amounts of noise and dust, etc. We respect the fact that we are working in your home and always try to keep the process as non-invasive as possible. We can put you in contact with our past clients so you can better understand how a renovation-in-progress might affect you and your family.

Are you licensed? Insured?

Yes, we are licensed and fully insured.

Do you offer referrals?

Yes! Contact us for referrals.

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